Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A website we can all hate together.

You know...I WAS done bitching about the left, and politics in general. I was happy to be gracious winner. BUT, then I ran into this website, and it pissed me right off.
It started with the posts by the sites' directors...or whatever they are, and then I looked at the galleries. All bajillion of them. Number one, the arrogance is astounding. These shitheads think they speak for the MAJORITY, even though they clearly lost the election. Number two, just look at the motherfuckers in the gallery, and then ask yourself this, "If this is what truly represents the left in America, how could they ever win any public office?" And number three, if it weren't so infuriating, it would be funny that these people are bitching that democracy has been derailed again. They don't seem to understand that first, we are a representative republic, not a democracy, and second, democracy as we call it was served just fine, by a majority of people...who voted for the other guy.

One thing specifically really annoyed me. One of the comments, or pictures said "We turned out in record numbers, we tried, we're sorry." What this fucktard doesn't seem to understand is that, record numbers turning out does NOT mean they were all voting for Kerry. Point in fact, Bush got more popular votes than any president, ever.

NSFW...or for the general public

After losing my kitten this week, I have come to two decisions. Number one is, I am never again holding a small animal, child, or anything fragile. Number two is, FUCK GOD.

Yep, you read that right, fuck him. I am sick of being sick, I am sick of getting the proverbial kick in the sack every time things start to pick up a little bit. I have often heard that god doesn't cause suffering, and that everything god does is good. That sounds like a bunch of fucking shit to me, it's an obvious copout by those who can't explain how bad things happen if god loves us so motherfucking much. It hurts me to write this, I have attributed alot of wonderful things in my life to god. It seems that I have given credit to the wrong being. I should be giving credit to myself, and random fucking fate, if to anything at all.

When I see the hurt in my wife's eyes when we mention little Harley, it is only confirmation that god is not a benevolent overseer, nor is he even an uninvolved creator. No. God is a masochistic son of a bitch who wants us to suffer for his amusement. Why else would the worst people get all the breaks? Not that I am a great person mind you, I have been a shit head in my life, but fuck man, could I get a break please from the constant string of hardships?

I know reading this, I am sitting quite firmly on my pity pot, but you know what? Maybe I deserve a little self pity. Nothing else seems to help my situation at all. Blind faith in a benevolent deity hasn't helped much, prayer is nothing but a practice in talking to yourself.

One day, I may have to eat these words, but today I can't see it happening. I can't see me suddenly having an epiphany and thinking "Hey, that God guy is pretty cool." So, I am done with god, I am through giving god credit for the good things, and a pass on the bad.


Saturday, November 13, 2004

Tragedy at the Soapbox

After only a brief period of time at the Soapbox, we have to say good bye to Harley, who passed away last night.

She was a perfect kitten, sweet, lovable, always after a good story. She refused to be held back by the lefty liberals and was always hot on the trail of a story, or Corkscrews tail, which delighted her for many an hour. Her fur was the softest ever, just ask Thor, and she was so small she would actually disappear right in front of you on the couch or the bed.

Harley will now live in peace forever, in the heaven for pets. She will eat treats all day, and never be short of soft food. She will have plenty of tails to chase and others to cuddle with.

She will live in our hearts forever....

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Veterans Day.

Today is Veterans Day, do something special. Have a BBQ, put flowers on a vets gravestone, heck, even just give some thought to those who have sacrificed for the freedoms we take for granted.

Don't forget about our young men and women fighting overseas right now either. There is a little piece of hell on earth in Fallujah at the moment, and I can only hope, and pray that our brave marines, and soldiers get the job done with a minimum of casualties.

I know I have a few phone calls to make today, my Uncle was a WWII vet, and he loves to tell stories, so I think I may call him. My nephew came back from Iraq a little while ago, he's a civilian now, and works a whole bunch, but I may try and call him too.

So, today is Veteran's Day, do something.



I wonder why it is that the MSM (or mainstream media) liken Arafat to a saint? The man is the father of modern terrorism, has sent countless minions to do what he obviously feared doing, and essentially brainwashed an entire race into thinking it was their RIGHT to kill jews.

Fuck him. Fuckity Fuckity Fuck him. I hope he gets "special" treatment in hell. Something like Hitler in "Little Nicky". Or even better, I hope he is forced to watch as his precious little "nation" is absorbed into the middle east, now that more rational heads might prevail. (I doubt this, but hey, stranger things have happened.)

Barbara STreisands Top Ten reasons for a Bus reelection.

10. Exit polls show that Elves went big for Nader (Alex)

9. Bush's Flying Monkeys surpisingly effective at getting out the vote (suggested by Frank Villon)

8. One word: Cheneymania (Senator PhilABuster)

7. Damn Republicans kept making their saving throws against Media Bias(Blacknimbus, Jimmie, Bbeck were all on the same track)

6. In the house of R'yleh, Dead Cthulhu lies sleeping, except when he mans the phones for the Iowa Republican Party (Jimmie)

5. James Carville, busy with his Crossfire gig, couldn't get down to the bayou and work a little cornpone voodoo (BlueDevils)

4. JoBu did not answer our chickenbone prayer. Fuck JoBu. (RD Brewer)

3. Stupid American voters couldn't grasp the subtle political arguments contained in Papa, Can You Hear Me? (suggested by Alex)

2. Opening speakers of Republican convention -- Smurf-Archenemy Gargamel and Pinhead from Hellraiser -- really "connected" with public (Ace)

... and the Number One Barbra Streisand Explanation for Kerry's Loss...

1. Public simply had no confidence in Kerry's constantly-evolving, multiple-position nuance; in D&D terms, they decided to stick with the +3 Holy Avenger that is George Bush, rather than the Dick of Many Things that is John Kerry* (Ace)

I love a good D&D reference.

Friday, November 05, 2004

You decide 2004

Well, in an overwhelming, and in fact historic majority George W. Bush was elected President of these United States. He garnered more of the popular vote than anyone in history. I did not expect this, as all I heard on the news was how bad his presidency was, all I heard from the other guy was how many mistakes, and miscalculations he made. The impression from most outlets, and left-wing pundits was that Bush wouldn't be able to win because of so many new voters.

I drew a different conclusion, and I was proven correct. My assumption was optimistically that most of the people who were registering for the first time would either A) Be conservative enough to recognize JK for the lefty liberal he is, or B) Be a pot smoking hippy trying to score with chicks by being "all political and shit", and never bother actually voting.

I have a serious question, and then I am done with this political BS until something new and interesting arises. I am looking for answers from any women out there who actually vote.

Why do the majority of women vote democratic? and Do you see the condescending manner in which you are viewed by the democratic party?

A short explanation about the second question and then I am out. The democratic party seems to think that a woman needs help holding her own in the big bad world, and legislates based on such. They also seem to think that women are a sure-fire voter block, and tend to go with the most wacked out, extreme groups ideals when it comes to issues regarding women.

Please, any voting woman out there, help me out.