Friday, November 05, 2004

You decide 2004

Well, in an overwhelming, and in fact historic majority George W. Bush was elected President of these United States. He garnered more of the popular vote than anyone in history. I did not expect this, as all I heard on the news was how bad his presidency was, all I heard from the other guy was how many mistakes, and miscalculations he made. The impression from most outlets, and left-wing pundits was that Bush wouldn't be able to win because of so many new voters.

I drew a different conclusion, and I was proven correct. My assumption was optimistically that most of the people who were registering for the first time would either A) Be conservative enough to recognize JK for the lefty liberal he is, or B) Be a pot smoking hippy trying to score with chicks by being "all political and shit", and never bother actually voting.

I have a serious question, and then I am done with this political BS until something new and interesting arises. I am looking for answers from any women out there who actually vote.

Why do the majority of women vote democratic? and Do you see the condescending manner in which you are viewed by the democratic party?

A short explanation about the second question and then I am out. The democratic party seems to think that a woman needs help holding her own in the big bad world, and legislates based on such. They also seem to think that women are a sure-fire voter block, and tend to go with the most wacked out, extreme groups ideals when it comes to issues regarding women.

Please, any voting woman out there, help me out.


At 5/11/04 7:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup - a large percentage of the people going on about how much Bush sucks and how we needed Kerry in there instead were in the 18-24 age bracket... and, just like most other elections, the large majority of the people in this age bracket didn't bother to vote.

I'm guessing the results may have been quite different if that wasn't the case... but you're not going to see me complaining :)


At 5/11/04 8:10 AM, Blogger Contagion said...

Ummm, a lot of presidents have won by a larger margin then Bush defeated Kerry with. hell in 1984 Reagan (In my oppinion the greatest American president) beat Mondal 54,455,075 with 525 electoral votes to Mondal's 37,577,185 and 13 electoral votes. I believe that is a larger Margin then the 59,424,706 to Kerry's 55,905,023. However if I'm misunderstanding your statement and you are going for the most votes received. That doesn't surprise me due to the mass drive to get people to get out and vote, every 2-5 elections someone wins by a new record amount of popular votes. Perhaps this is due to the increase in population, voter drives and voter fraud, but it happens. I think the margin of victory is more telling.

At 5/11/04 1:37 PM, Blogger Boudicca said...

I only know one woman that voted democrat. All the rest voted Republican. The one I know that voted Dem is very pro-choice, a huge environmentalist, and has a big big heart for the poor. George did nothing for her. But she is the exception to the rule with the women around me.

I will say the Jewish women I have heard vote for Kerry have done so as they feel the Christian right have become more finatical and they are truly afraid. Unfortunately, if you grew up where I did, you would understand why. In parts of the Bible belt if you do not publicly profess your believe that JC is your Savior, you are told straight to your face you are going to hell... that goes for Jews and Catholics, believe it or not.

At 5/11/04 7:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a women and i vote democrat. I do because one i am very pro-choice and an enviromentalist. Another thing is that conservatives tend to push only abstinance and as a result deny funding to women's clinics that perform abortions. This is a problem mostly because women's clinics do not only provide abortion services but they provide women's healthcare in general. Women who don't have health insurance can go there and in a lot of cases even take their children there for fairly inexpensive healthcare. As single women are one of the largest groups without health insurance women need these services. Bush did massive cuts to social programs including this one based on his very conservative ideals.
I also didn't vote for Bush this year because frankly he is not ,despite everyone seeming to be fooled into thinking he is, fiscally conservative. He pointed a finger at John Kerry and said how do you plan to pay for all these programs that you have planned. Has anyone by chance asked him the same question? He is giving out tax cuts during a very expensive conflict in Iraq, losing jobs all over the country, and than wondering where the deficit came from. Women are as concerned about these issues as anyone else is and to point at us and say we only vote democrat based on wild left wing issues isn't fair.
I would also like to put down your assumption that the voter registration drives attracted young conservatives. That is not the case. The young people who did come out to vote, voted in large numbers for Kerry. To write off the youth vote as either conservative or pot smoking is just not fair. The youth vote turned out in the exact same number as last time.
I think that disillusionment by both candidates is what really happened. A lot of people were thoroughly unimpressed with their options. You had as you said a "lefist liberal" vs a neo-con. Neither really represents the majority of the American people's values. Most Americans are ticket splitters who are repulsed by extremity on either side.

At 11/11/04 7:10 AM, Blogger Contagion said...

Okay, it's been almost a week... time to post again....
Hello????? (looking around computer room) Get off that damn city of heros and work on your blog!


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