Friday, October 29, 2004

A day in the life of....

Littlejoe's soapbox.

Two in the morning, went to bed cuddled with wife and cats, slept.
Four in the morning, latest addition to the staff here decides he needs to go outside. He lets me know with persistent whining....
Six...slather ointment on Thor's infected scrotum, feed him, trick him into eating his medicine by hiding it in a hotdog.
Eightish, play City of Heroes for an hour, die multiple times from sleeping at the keyboard, take nap on couch.
Ten-thirtyish...god-damn incontinent dog...I mean, dog has to go out again, let's me know by bringing me his leash and licking my face til I wake up. Decide it's a good time to walk Thor, we go around the neighborhood, and discover a new park to poop in.
One in the afternoon (that's all it is???), play with cats, stop Thor from eating his little sisters...
Threeish, trick Thor into eating his medicine by hiding it in a hotdog, eat lunch surrounded by animals like doctor fucking Doolittle.
Three-thirtyish, play with Thor, who is now jealous of little sisters. (The cats)
Four-thirty, watch Jeopardy, hoping for Mormon genius to lose.
Five, Thor (who I am now convinced has a bladder problem) has to go out again. He proceeds to pee on his front leg, because he won't raise his leg up high enough to clear it. Sometime around here, I talked to Anathematized1 from invited her over for dinner.
Six, started cooking I think. Life is sort of blurry, and I forgot to take my kiddie-crack this morning. Thor sits at my leg to protect me from the vicious cats, who like to watch me cook.
From six to like nine or so, Anathematized1 was over, it's all so blurry. We ate, we chased the dog with a machete...or..wait, maybe not. Anyway, Patti came home at Ten or so, and ate a late dinner, and we talked about her day, and mine. She went to bed....I have since laid on the couch watching crap I don't remember, trying to sleep.....It's One in the morning now, and Thor has to go out again....damn it. If he wasn't like, the best dog ever, I would let him run for the hills.

This post brought to you by the letter 3, and the number j....motherfucker!


At 29/10/04 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doctor Fucking Doolittle! OH my GAWD I'm laughing outloud! Poor Thor and his infected balls!


At 30/10/04 3:37 PM, Blogger Graumagus said...

I just love the "See you later guys, I have to go home now and lotion my dog's nuts!"
bahahaha poor dog.


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