Wednesday, January 25, 2006

As seen on Miasmatic Review

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Joe!

  1. Two grams of Joe provide enough energy to power a television for over twenty-three hours!
  2. You should always open Joe at least an hour before drinking him.
  3. Joe can turn his stomach inside out.
  4. In Ancient Egypt, people wore glittery eyeshadow made from the crushed shells of Joe.
  5. You would have to dig through four thousand kilometres of Joe to reach the earth's core.
  6. Joe can give birth ten days after being born, and is born pregnant!
  7. White chocolate isn't technically chocolate, because it doesn't contain Joe.
  8. Snow White's coffin was made of Joe!
  9. Joe is the world's tallest woman.
  10. Joe is the largest of Saturn's moons!
I am interested in - do tell me about

Thursday, January 19, 2006

An apparently titleless meme.

Wes hit me with a meme...again. So now I am officially obligated to fill it out. I guess it is a series of four this and goes.

Four Jobs I have had:




Substance abuse Counselor

Four Movies I could watch over and over (and have!)

The Last Dragon

The Star Wars sextet

History of the World Part I

The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Places I've lived:

Rockford, IL

San Francisco, CA

Tumwater, WA

Golconda, IL

Four TV shows I love to watch:

Law & Order SVU


WWE Smackdown!

Myth Busters

Four Places I have been on vacation:

All over creation...California.

The entire Isle of Great Britain.

San Antonio, TX

St. Louis, MO (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little)

Four Websites I visit daily:

Four favorite foods:

My family's meatballs recipe.

Lasagna (my own preferably)

Natural casing hot dogs.


Four places I'd rather be:

In a recording studio.

On top of a mountain of money.

Taking a ride in the washing machine.

I guess right here will do for now.

Again, as with most meme's I get, I am not passing this one on either. Everyone I would have passed it to is either done with it, or I haven't even looked at their blog in weeks.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day...umm...early.

This cartoon is utterly strange.

Seacrest OUT!

I have this annoying habit of only writing when I feel like it. I really qish I could be a ten post a day kind of guy, but oh well. I have an admission to make, and some of you who know me may be shocked by this, but, I love American Idol. I LOVE IT! I especially like watching the really horrible singers at the beginning. I often ask myself....don't these people have a single honest family member or friend? I mean, I know my vocal limitations, and mostly that's because of the people I know. Some of the auditions are ridiculously bad, and the poor bastards actually think they have talent. Sometimes, we even get to see their parents/boy(girl)friend/cousin's reaction, and those are truly priceless. I honestly think this situation arises from the feel good, you can be anything attitude that pervades society. I believe we should encourage a point. Honestly though, when little Quintishia Lilac Jones gets around age...let's say twelve...she should be well aware that she sounds like an asthmatic blowing cum bubbles when she sings. I do not think her Mother/Older Brother/Pimp should encourage her at age twenty-two to go audition for a televised singing contest, unless they hate her.

In other news, littlejoe will be learning how to drive an eighteen-wheeler starting monday. He should have a CDL (that's commercial driver's liscense)by early March. If you see him, wish him luck, and pray he doesn't run over anything expensive.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The truth about D&D.

Some of my firends may appreciate this. Especially ones whose parent thought D&D was satanic.

The truth about D&D.

Monday, January 02, 2006

My Personality.

How You Life Your Life

You have a good sense of self control and hate to show weakness.
You're laid back and chill, but sometimes you care too much about what others think.
Your friends tend to be a as quirky as you are - which is saying a lot!
Some of your past dreams have disappointed you, but you don't let it get you down.

This one is pretty darn close, and the questions weren't that in depth....weird.

Thanks to Contagion for the quiz link.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New year!

Well, 2006 is here, and it is off to a good start. My band played a show last night, and we actually kicked ass. That was unexpected, though greatly appreciated by me. I am having trouble typing, I managed to smash my finger under a gigantic P.A. speaker....before we played. By the time we did our last song, I couldn't feel the pick I was holding. I had to hope I was hitting the right strings. I wish I could have spent the evening with everyone I wanted to, but I was suckered into playing the show.

I hope all of you reading this had a wonderful New Year's Eve, and wish you nothing but the best for the new year. Now, I go ice my finger.