Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Seacrest OUT!

I have this annoying habit of only writing when I feel like it. I really qish I could be a ten post a day kind of guy, but oh well. I have an admission to make, and some of you who know me may be shocked by this, but, I love American Idol. I LOVE IT! I especially like watching the really horrible singers at the beginning. I often ask myself....don't these people have a single honest family member or friend? I mean, I know my vocal limitations, and mostly that's because of the people I know. Some of the auditions are ridiculously bad, and the poor bastards actually think they have talent. Sometimes, we even get to see their parents/boy(girl)friend/cousin's reaction, and those are truly priceless. I honestly think this situation arises from the feel good, you can be anything attitude that pervades society. I believe we should encourage a point. Honestly though, when little Quintishia Lilac Jones gets around age...let's say twelve...she should be well aware that she sounds like an asthmatic blowing cum bubbles when she sings. I do not think her Mother/Older Brother/Pimp should encourage her at age twenty-two to go audition for a televised singing contest, unless they hate her.

In other news, littlejoe will be learning how to drive an eighteen-wheeler starting monday. He should have a CDL (that's commercial driver's liscense)by early March. If you see him, wish him luck, and pray he doesn't run over anything expensive.


At 19/1/06 7:35 AM, Blogger Contagion said...

I can't watch Idol anymore. It's the same shit year after year. Even now that I know that it is screened for television and that they purposely let bad singers through just for television.

BTW good luck with the CDL.

At 21/1/06 7:54 AM, Blogger KTreva said...

I still will catch the bad singers on Idol just for laughs, but for the most part, I don't watch it anymore.

Good luck with the CDL! You Rock!

At 22/1/06 1:55 PM, Blogger Barb said...

My hubby used to have his Class "A" license in Colorado (on a ranch), and he let me drive the semi a couple of times. Good on you for getting certified as a pro drive - lots of driver jobs out there. I know of couples who go over-the-road together, works out pretty cool. Good luck!

At 23/1/06 7:25 AM, Anonymous Harvey said...

"unless they hate her" - I think you're onto something there :-)

And good luck with the CDL.

I'll stay off the sidewalks for a while :-D


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