Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My movie reviews, and albino love.

The DaVinci code:
My synopsis of the movie is, that book would have made a good movie.

X-men 3 The Last Stand:
Pretty darn good, but blew a bunch of "could've kicked major ass" moments.

I was reading about an albino group that was furious over their portrayal as villains in most media outlets these days. I have drawn a conclusion. Albinos' aren't angry because they are show to be evil, they are angry because they are not allowed to use their inherent super powers in everyday life. I mean, if you have ever seen "Powder", you would know that albino people can do funky electrical shit, and various other cool tricks. "Powder" himself was a well adjusted, if slightly introverted young man. WHY? Because he could use his superpowers whenever he wanted to, and wasn't filled with the frustrations of holding back whenever he was made fun of.
I propose a constitutional ammendment allowing our pasty white freaky looking peoples to use their powers at will. This will eliminate their need to bitch about being portrayed as eveil, because let's face it, everyone wants super powers.