Saturday, December 18, 2004

You know you have problems.....

When you download, and then put into a protective binder, all the maps for a video game.

I have officially taken a step towards "SUPER-NERD" status.

Even the dog is looking at me lovingly wrapping each map in it's plastic holder with mixed emotions. It's almost as if he is saying, "Hey Dad....does this mean we go on even shorter walks?"

I am a bad parent. Bad. I am only glad I am not in charge of any human life in this household. I mean sure, Thor, and Corkscrew (the wondercat) get love, and plenty of "people food", I can't help but wonder what they think when I spend hours in front of this machine, typing away, or playing video games.

Oh, as for that typing thing. I have been working on my book again, I had to scrap my original Part 2 beginning, in favor of something a little more character-centric.


At 18/12/04 8:36 AM, Blogger KTreva said...

I too am am a recovering "Super Nerd" but it's a hard habit to break. I don't think I am there quite yet...I can still be sucked into alternate worlds for long periods of time that require me to ignore my entire family. Perhaps we should start a support group?

At 18/12/04 12:04 PM, Blogger Graumagus said...

Why do you think I don't buy multi-player games?
Used to spend 8 hours a day playing mud (until you all started script cheating) and that was text based for cryin' out loud...


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