Monday, September 06, 2004

When your day starts at 5 AM, 8:45 seems late.

I got up at 5 today, no particular reason, it's a holiday for god's sake. Anyway, I logged onto the old City of Heroes games, and played a few hours, waiting for a decnt time to wake up Patti and get out of the house. We made very vague plans to do SOMETHING today.

fast forward.....

9:30 am: IHOP os too busy to eat at, so we head down the street to Perkins. Where we get the worst service EVER. We had a trainee who was serving us, and he messed up my order, brought us our check before our food, and mumbled his questions to us. Not a good start, but at least I was full.

10:35 am: We head over to one of Rockford's only cultural thingies, the Anderson Japanese Gardens. This was very nice, and serene. The waterfalls, and zen garden were beautiful, and the way the path and wild parts blended gave a sense of oneness with nature that is lacking in my everyday life.

12:50ish am: Drop off deposit at ATM from Disability check that came Saturday. (DOH!)

1:15 pm: Into the Michael's! Michael's is a craft store with all sorts of fun stuff to buy. I got a few canvases for my painting, and Patti got beginners watercolor set. She is not a beginner, but it was a good deal, and came with a case to store all of her other art crap. We also got cherry sours, which I love....Mmmmm sour.

2 or so pm: We headed to Best Buy, or as I call it, "The most wonderful store in the world!" I asked if we could stop and price video cards for my buddy Jay who posts here occasionally,and just bought City of Heroes at my urging only to find out he needed a video card upgrade to play it.. We priced them, and Patti said we ought to just buy it for him, because he probably never would for himself. (I don't know if I agree or not, but it was really nice of her! I have the best wife in the whole world!)

2:45 pm: Showed up at Jay's house and woke him up with the news that he now had the video card he needed, and waited for his wife to get out of bed so we could install it. (She works nights, so this is her normal sleep-time.) We bribed her with Barbeque, and cheddar fries. It worked.

5:00 pm: Jay got himself set up on CoH, and he played through the first few missions of his career, with me buggin him, and trying to coach him. (Note: I am NOT the right person to try to teach someone how to play a game, I get way too frustrated when they don't know everything right away.)

8:45 pm: I am dog tired, and ready for bed, but I think I will do my daily internet rounds, and maybe another post. Goodnight!


At 7/9/04 8:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patti is a wonderful person and I appreciate the hard work Joe did trying to get my computer to cooperate this weekend. I all Joe fought and defeated my computer in a 2 days brawl-a-thon battle of wills with myself being the victor in that I can play City of Heroes!
Now if I can just beat this flu bug I have the world will be right again.
Thanks Joe and Patti


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