Wednesday, August 18, 2004

A startling examination.

This is stolen from a message board on AOL, quite interesting, and it checks out.

Did you ever notice that there are no Germans going around the world saying, or making movies about, how awful Germany is or has been? Given that Germany unleashed two world wars and invented industrialized genocide, why has there been no German Michael Moore?
Are there any Japanese making films about the absence of Japanese soul-searching or expressions of sorrow over their country's enslavement, torture and murder of Asians in World War II? Has anyone ever encountered any Japanese self-hate?
Any Belgians telling the world how bad their country is?
French? France surely has reason to produce people ashamed of their country.The answer, of course, is no. In fact, among all the world's peoples, only two produce large numbers of individuals who have greater sympathy for those who hate their country or national/ethnic group than for those who love it -- Americans and Jews.
Many on the American Left loathe America (they love the Constitution and their vision of what America could be) and have contempt for the average American. That is why most of the Left has such admiration for Michael Moore, who has said, among so much more, the following:

Americans "are possibly the dumbest people on the planet . . . in thrall to conniving, thieving, smug p----s" (London Daily Mirror).
"Should such an ignorant people lead the world?" (open letter to the German People in Die Zeit).
Elsewhere, he speaks of America as bringing immeasurable misery and sadness to the world and as essentially deserving attacks on it.

There are no comparable self-haters in any other country except Israel, whose leftists have the same contempt for their country, nor among any other group except the Jews, whose Left also generally loathe the Jewish state (and America).
Israeli professors in the West are often the leaders in anti-Israel demonstrations and movements. Jews such as Professors Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky devote much of their lives to trying to harm the one Jewish country in the world (and America) and express deep hatred of Jewish institutions.

Here is Finkelstein:
Jewish organizations "steal, and I do use the word with intent, 95 percent of the monies earmarked for victims of Nazi persecution" (Counterpunch, Dec. 13, 2001). Jews "are not Zionist by conviction, they are Zionist because it is useful for their political and more recently financial self-interest" (same).
In a lecture delivered in Beirut, Finkelstein likened Israeli actions to "Nazi practices" during World War II, albeit with some added "novelties to the Nazi experiments" (Commentary, June 2002).
And Noam Chomsky wrote the foreword to a book denying the Holocaust. This is the same as a black professor writing the foreword to a book by a Ku Klux Klansman.
This self-loathing on the part of Americans and Jews is all the more remarkable when you consider that leftists of every other group strongly affirm their national, cultural and ethnic identities. For example, while American and Jewish leftists ceaselessly attack America and Israel, black and Hispanic leftists ceaselessly defend blacks and Hispanics.How, then, to explain this anomaly of American and Jewish self-loathing?
I offer four explanations in no order of importance.

First, those Jews and Americans who loathe Israel and America are virtually always on the Left, and the Left around the world hates America and Israel. You can't be a leftist and strongly defend America or Israel. The Left will shun you. And since most of these individuals' primary identity comes from being a leftist, being ostracized from fellow leftists is hell on earth.

Second, many leftists are psychologically adolescents. And one feature of adolescent psychology is anger at a parent who claims very high ideals and turns out to be flawed. Many on the Left are angry at America and Israel for being imperfect and therefore disappointing them.

Third, the words "American" and "Jewish" both represent distinctive value systems, not only national and ethnic identities. And these value systems clash with leftist values. Both American and Jewish identities are rooted in religion and divine chosenness. And the further left one goes, the greater the hostility to religion -- especially to Judaism and Christianity (not to Islam, which the Left often defends, because many Muslims hate Judaism and Christianity as much as the Left does) -- not to mention to any notion of national or religious exceptionalism. When you add to this that America also represents capitalism and holds liberty higher than equality, you can further understand why America elicits so much hatred from its own leftists.

Fourth, since America and Israel are the two most hated countries in the world, and the Jews are the most hated ethnic/religious group, many Americans and Jews would rather identify with the haters than with the hated. That is why, for example, so many American leftists base a large part of their case against George W. Bush on his having increased anti-American sentiments around the world. This makes leftists livid -- again, like adolescents, they yearn to be part of the in-crowd (meaning America- and Israel-haters) and fear being disliked.

There may be other explanations. But what is certain is that American self-hatred and Jewish self-hatred are unique phenomena that play a particularly destructive role in our world.


At 18/8/04 3:50 PM, Blogger Sally said...

You can't quote the Daily Mirror! Really. Whatever it spews doesn't deserve dignifying with a response. It's a tawdry tabloid that's published all over England, not just in London. The irony is that "Mirror" readers can barely read, yet the publishers have the nerve to call Americans stupid! Grrrr...

At 18/8/04 5:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carter said Bush is doing a horrible job and said he aint agreed with nothing he's done! Well aint that calling the kettle African American! This sum-bitch has a nobel prize in horrible jobs! This peanut picking lib is either getting alsheimers or else he's forgetting them gas lines back in '75 that was longer than Patrick Ewing's wiener at the Gold Club! Put a tie and a ball cap on a turd and you'd have a better president than this peanut butter butthead. I'm sure Carter's a good fella, but him saying Bush is doing a bad job is as ridiculous as Rosie O'Donnell dancing on a stripper pole! This dude aughta stick to shuffle board and shut his planters pie hole! He gave away the Panama Canal, got us in gas lines and then had terrorists bully us around like we was special ed retards! If it wasn't for Reagan cleaning his clock like we'd all be walking around with dots on our heads and riding camels to work! Granted, Bush aint the Lord Jesus and I railed on him last week over legalizing immigrants but at least we aint got folks in wheelchairs getting pushed off cruise ships! Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy! Looks like ole Carter done drink to much Billy Beer or something cause only a drunk would talk out his ass like this. I like Jimmy Carter, I think he means well but he needs to check his backyard fore he tells somebody else there yard is looking sloppy. That's like a waterhead that just got drooling in the fries telling another waterhead he aint doing a good job making burgers. Alright it aint nothing like that I'm just saying this Carter mispoke! Like a feller said leaving a drive thru, "What's in my fries?"


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At 30/8/06 10:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The french also saved americas ass in it's revolution somthing to be proud of despite you neo cons trying to pretend it didn't happen. And honestly america has quite a bit to be ashamed of itself, or do you need me to tell you the reasons?


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