Saturday, August 14, 2004

I went to Great America, and all I got was blisters....

...and alot of fun memories.

Let me tell you one thing. Six Flags is a great amusement park. It's not too big, you can find anything rather easily, and the lines (on a cool cloudy thursday) were quite short.

I had planned on doing a run-down of all the coasters they have, but something got in my way. Two things actually.

My huge shoulders, and my height.

I couldn't ride most of the new rides, and a few of the older ones because the restraints have a redundant safety device that is similar to a five inch seat-belt. This seat belt is attached to a sensor that doesn't let the ride go if it is unbuckled. While the primary devices latched securely, the secondary sensor devices didn't come close to latching. My buddy Contagion tried to push down on one, telling me to "suck in" when in fact the bar never came close to any part of me that could be called fat. Every one of these things got caught on my shoulders or upper chest.

What really irked was seeing people who were hugely fat, but short riding these rides, and having a good old time. I wanted so badly to be short yesterday. I wished for smaller shoulders. I am glad that this didn't set the tone for the day, but not being able to ride the newest coolest coasters sucked. One piece of ironic fate was, that the very newest ride "Superman the rollercoaster" was broke down for the day. It had a test seat out in front. And of course I fit in it perfectly. Fuckers.


At 16/8/04 7:19 AM, Blogger Contagion said...

Yea, that sucked. But we did get to go on a lot of really fun roller coasters and rides. And we discovered that the lamest looking coaster there was probably one of the most fun.

Also we joked all the way in that we could wreck the rental vehicle because I had the insurance on it, and joked about it all the way back about the same damn thing. Then when I turned it in Friday morning the rental place pointed out where someone had hit the passenger side front bumper. I don't know when that happened, but yay for insurance!


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