Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A typical interview in today's political climate.

Typical Interview These Days
Commentator:It looks like this is going to be another close election. How do you think President Bush is doing?

GOP Representative:I think the President is doing a fine job bringing the economy back and winning 2 wars…

Dem Representative:WHAT? Oh c’mon… this is the worst economy since the depression, we’re bogged down in a quagmire in Iraq, we’re more danger of attack now than before 9-11 because this lying President not only didn't’t serve in the military but he is such a lying dope that even if he managed to do something right it’s only because Cheney is the “Big Oil” puppet master and really runs the administration.

Commentator:How about John Kerry… How do you see his candidacy going?

GOP Representative:Well, while we honor his service in Vietnam, he has a 20 year record in the Senate that needs to be addressed.

Dem Representative:OH, there you go again… attack, attack, attack that’s all you Republicans do cause you don’t want to talk about Bush’s miserable record. John Kerry is a WAR HERO! He served in VIETNAM while George Bush was ‘who knows where’ then sat there like a dope for 7 MINUTES while our country was under attack and he did nothing… NOTHING!!! John Kerry will make a great President… he’s got plans. all kinds of plans for everything. Not like this bunch that’s been asleep at the switch for 4 years running this country into the ground.

Commentator:Teresa Hienz Kerry has provided a number of unscripted moments on the trail that have turned into sound bites on the trail. Your thoughts?

GOP Representative:Ha ha, yea… she sure can be a bit of a loose cannon…

Dem Representative:Oh-kay, oh-kay, there you go again. A typical, uptight, right wing, conservative stiff, that’s terrified of a strong woman that speaks her mind. You’re nothing but a bunch of name calling jerks that would rather attack a poor helpless woman rather than talk about this administration’s miserable record on the economy, the quagmire in Iraq and all the other things wrong with this country. JOHN KERRY IS A WAR HERO and HE HAS A PLAN!!!!

Yeah, that's just plain funny. There a few things I might have added, like the Dems constant claim that their patriotism is constantly under attack. All the while attacking Republicans patriotism. I would have also added the claim that Bush is owned by Haliburton, when in truth they gave far more to Gore and Clinton than Bush. Haliburton LIKES the Kyoto protocol it allows them to make even more money.

So, there you have it, a typical interview these days.


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