Monday, August 02, 2004

Michael Moore, and why I don't hate him.

KTreva pointed out in an earlier post that I should get a punching bag with Michael Moore's face painted on it. While I probably do need a punching bag, his face wouldn't matter.

Why? Because I don't hate Michael Moore, I just see him for what he is. He is a man who has latched onto an untapped audience for the purpose of making obscene amounts of money. I can't begrudge him that. Yeah sure he lies, but what politician, film maker, or actor doesn't? If I could find a niche in the marketplace, I would exploit the fuck out it too.

Michael Moore annoys me, because I think he portrays himself as someone who gives a shit about the tripe he puts out. I truly do not believe that he believes what he says. I think rather, that he uses the hot issue of the day to make a quick buck, and then moves on to whatever is next. He is the poster child for, always moving on to what the next issue is, without ever resolving the one that is at hand. They, like Michael Moore, are oppurtunists, and he represents them well.

In a time when it seems many people have taken a stand one way or another, which I think is a good thing, he has sided with those that are most easily lied to and manipulated. The side that is constantly told they don't have a voice, when in fact they have the loudest voices of all. The side that wants to make the world a better place without a clue as to how that kind of change REALLY takes place. Flowers and love are great. I like flowers, I grow them on the deck here in Crapistan. But flowers and love won't make the rest of the world like us any more than giving them money will. We give out more money to foreign countries in one year, than any nation has. Ever. Does that make them like us. No, it makes them resent us because we have to bail them out of the shithole in which they find themselves.

Michael Moore lets these people believe their way can work.(Never has, never will.) He distorts the truth in a way that allows them to believe they have the power to change the world. (Never have, never will, people with jobs change the world. Not lifetime students, and jobless activists.) He takes the money they get from their parents, and "art" grants, and trust funds. He takes it and all the while tells them they matter.

Michael Moore is a product of everything he espouses to hate. He is a capitalist, money making brand name. The reason he is not hated by the lefties who flock to his movies is that he pretends to empower them for a couple hours, and laughs all the way to the bank. He is just as, or more destructive than any corporation on the planet. He is easily as recognizable as Nike or Coca-Cola. He uses this brand recognition in a way that I don't agree with, but I don't hate him for it. If I thought for a second he believed the bullshit he spouts off at every opportunity I might have stronger feelings in this regard.

I hate Osama bin-Laden, I hate Koffee (can) Anan, I hate Jacques Chirac, I hate George Soros (The biggest contributor to any cause wanting Bush out of office). Michael Moore, well, he just doesn't stack up in that company. He is a loud-mouthed money making machine that has found his niche in a market of fools.


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