Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Today is the first day of.............

..........the counterattacks on Bush.

Keep your eyes and ears open to the news media as they start the assault against Bush's record during his National Guard tour. This is a feeble attempt to draw attention away from John Kerry.

I find it very telling that the left has sunk so low as to try to draw attention AWAY from their candidate. I do have a theory on this however...two in fact.

Theory 1:

The National Guard is more hated by the lefty-liberal-tree hugging-dirty hippies than the regular Army, because they were the ones called in to quell their uprisings in the sixties. President Bush, being a representative of the National Guard from this era is a perfect target for the hositilities of a generation of peaceniks. People who thought "free love", and "make love not war" were viable alternatives for national security.
They seek to make it sound like Bush avoided Vietnam out of some spite for his country. Disregarding the fact that they were all silent on Bill Clinton's DRAFT-DODGING. These people hate the regular military, but since John Kerry has made such great strides in disarming, and defaming our troops, he's now an OK guy to vote for. Even if he was a baby killer.

Theory 2:
The failure of John Kerry has been planned all along. I postulated about this a long time ago over at, and it all seems to be falling into place.
The actual leadership of the Democratic party knew that John Kerry would cave in under the pressure of G.W. Bush, and made sure he was thrust forward as a sacrificial lamb. They want four more years of Bush, so that come 2008, they have a clean slate from which to run their ideal candidate, Hillary Clinton. They knew Hillary would be crushed by Bush as well, and chose wisely to put forth someone else to take one for the team. John Kerry "sort of" represents what the new Democrats are about, socialism, total governmental control from cradle to grave, the elimination of personal property as a mark of success...etc. But, he doesn't have the message in his soul.
The new Democrats want a candidate who lives and breathes their leftist social agenda, and who will makes sure the US falls in line with the rest of the world. They yearn for acceptance among those they view as the "Cultural Elite". Nations like France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain. Thes are nations that the leftists worship for their "progressive" ideologies.
John Kerry was never meant to be a real threat to Bush, and the only reason he is now, is that the media wasn't let in on the plan. John Kerry is a placeholder, someone to run who will make noise, but ultimately lose. People will hear him, but soon forget him, but not his party. Nor will they forget his party's continually left-sliding agenda.
Getting the agenda out there was John's only purpose, and soon that purpose will be served, and the new Democrats will flush him away like his namesake.


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