Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Shoveling snow sucks.

I love snow, I really do. There almost nothing in the world that makes me as happy as a deep layer of wet, packing snow.

That being said.

I fucking hate SNOW. Why do I have to shovel? Why can't I just "will" the snow off of the driveway and porch? I shoveled for over an hour, and then laid down salt this afternoon. The driveway was clear and the snow that was falling melted away to nothing. Then, I took a nap, and now there are three inches of snow on the drive, walk, and porch. Stupid salt.....stupid snow.

On the fun side however, I think my dog is part malamute or something, he LOVES snow more than I do. It seems to ease the pain in his hips, and he runs all over. Heck, he actually played with me outside today. Thor doesn't play. Thor sits around and chews things. It was exciting. When the wife got home, we watched a movie, then we took Thor outside, and he played with both of us, it was alot of fun. Sadly, he was ready to come inside before we were, but I think that makes him the smart one. You see, I have some weird cold/flu hybrid, a fever, and probably should be resting, and pushing fluids anyway.

Smart dog.


At 6/1/05 8:47 AM, Blogger KTreva said...

Yeah, Thor chews bones bigger than his head, and his Mom's shoes!

At 6/1/05 9:01 AM, Blogger littlejoe said...

To be fair, he doesn;t chew shoes per se. He chew slippers, and I think it is just because somewhere between the thought of getting the slippers for his mother, and actually delivering them, he decides they taste kind of good.

At 6/1/05 2:53 PM, Blogger That 1 Guy said...

I love the snow, but only if the stuff blows off of my drive. I think I lucked out once, and only had to shovel about 6 ft of driveway. Most times, not a chance. I hate the fact we haven't been getting the snow we should, but after shovelling, I change my tune!

At 24/3/05 12:13 AM, Anonymous mike lee said...

i sick of snow, here it is march 24th 4 days after spring, and its snowing out. they say weyre gonna get 10 inches. I say take those 10 inches and stick them up mother natures ass. i got a new motorcycle and its getting covered with snow, I should be out riding it. , instead i writing this message on my computer to a bunch of strangers,,, I guess living in massachusettes, i should be used to the snow, but im not.. although it must be better than living in california with all those earthquakes and mudslides.. and florida with the hurricanes, and dont forget about kansas, tornado alley... I guess a snowstorm is easier to deal with than the other stuff. and after all the snow melts and it gets warmer out. the birds are chirping and flowers come out... it makes the springtime look so much better.And the ride on my motorcycle much more enjoyable..

At 24/3/05 12:02 PM, Blogger ponypat said...

Mike Lee what is your blog address? this is your sister. Snow sucks but it isn't as bad in PA as it is in MA and I'd rather ride a horse than a hog. Love ya

At 18/10/05 1:00 PM, Blogger Linux Unix said...

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