Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I Don't Care.

I Don't Care.
As sung, written, and other fancy stuff by me.

I prayed today, just for pain.
For a reason to be down.
I stayed away, while I prayed.
I just want to be the clown.

Everything I ever did.
Every little sin.
I would take it back for you.

All the heartache fear, and pain.
And the anger and the shame.
Maybe guilt with get me through.

Was it wrong,
All along?
Am I gone,
or going strong?
I don't care.

I'll fade away, gone today.
No more reason to be cruel.
Always late, delay, one more day.
To be taken for a fool.

Every moment that I breath.
All the things it meant to me.
I gave it up for you.

All the heartache, fear and pain.
All the anger and the shame.
Maybe guilt will see me through.

Am I wrong?
Gone too long...
Am I gone,
or going strong?
I don't care.

I prayed today, that I take.
One more step to get to you.
Afraid, to stay, one more day.
Apathy can make it true.


At 2/8/05 9:35 PM, Blogger littlejoe said...

I forgot to say, if anyone want's the chords for that, send $50 to......lol

At 6/8/05 4:13 PM, Anonymous Wes said...

I've GOT to hear you sing that ('Tis only fair you know, you've heard ME sing....). :-)


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