Saturday, July 30, 2005

A handsome devil.

Here I am on my 31st b-day, my sis bought me a cake. Even though I said I didn't want to do anything. I was wrong, and I aprecciated it more than she could ever know.

On another note, I think I look darn good in this picture.....hell, I'd do me.


At 30/7/05 11:35 PM, Blogger Graumagus said...

And the cake was tatsy...

At 31/7/05 8:46 AM, Blogger KTreva said...

Grau- What's tatsy?

LJ - You are one sexy bitch ;)

At 31/7/05 9:54 AM, Blogger TNT said...

You're adorable with your shit-eating grin!

At 11/8/05 2:40 PM, Anonymous Harvey said...

Little Joe, you'd do the CAKE... :-P


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