Tuesday, January 11, 2005

But it's not even February yet.

And already I am getting sick of seeing the "civil rights" bullshit everywhere.

That term is a lie. It isn't all about civil rights, it's about "black folks" rights. I have no problem with trying to make your life better, or even the lives of those in your community. What I do have a problem with, is the perception that somehow "I", (being a white male) am responsible for your fucking plight. I am not. Never have been.

I read an article about the top ten up and coming "civil rights" leaders, and seriously, if this is the best they have to offer, I would be concerned as a black person. The majority of them are concerned with things like:
1. Felons voting rights.
2. Community (read socialist) programs.
3. Ending the war in Iraq.
4. Making sure gays, women, weird cults, and Islam are represented fairly.

My thoughts are, if you let the people who make these things a priority lead you, you are heading downhill. On number one, if you don't break the fucking law in the first place, you won't have a problem come voting time. Simple enough.
On number two, why is it that the black community, as a whole, seems to think they have the monopoly on "public" funds? I can see promoting community programs that actually do some good. Things like a youth basketball league, or the boys/girls club. Those types of programs are helpful, and don't restrict usefullness or access to one race. There are a myriad of other, less than useful programs that they were promoting that DO however restrict access in one way or another. Whatever.
On number three, what the fuck does the war in Iraq have to do with "civil rights" as we have come to understand them these days? Are we supposed to believe that only young black men and women are fighting in Iraq? What the fuck people, try again.
On number four, I don't see how lumping yourself in with a bunch of other causes is in any way good for your cause. In fact, this approach seems quite detrimental to the cause, and makes normal everyday non-activist people think you don't even know what the hell you want.

The article on AOL however, did list two people I could respect, one is a self made business man, and internet entrepenuer. He is the guy that advised Oprah on how to use the internet to indoctrina....err....spread her influence. He puts HIS money where his mouth is, and funds several programs that teach young urban kids about technology, and gives them access to things they otherwise couldn't afford. (Thanks in my opinion to a victim stance mentality that makes it hard to earn anything for yourself that is taken by their parents.) This guy I can respect.
The other is a reverand of some church or another, but he actually tells his congregation to step up and do something for themselves. He gives credit seminars, and wealth building tips. He encourages his flock to get active in politics, and vote. I may not agree with his politics, but he has the right idea about HOW to do something for your community. If you improve yourself, you can't help but make the area around you better. I can respect this guy.

The rest of them however are nothing more than a bunch of "Jesse Jackson's of the future", and that's just sad. It's sad that people see his hate filled racism, and utter lack of concern for what might actually, you know, HELP his community, as something to strive for.

I guess I better suck it up though, we all know the February is "Black History" month, and that the only black history we are going to hear about is what gets approved by these so-called leaders in the black community. I only wish that other educated, responsible, successful black leaders would rise up from the masses and show their community that you don't have to suck on the public tit, and whine incessently in order to get ahead. That you know, hard work never hurt anybody, and success can be had without the benefit (or curse) of having your hand held the entire time by the government.


At 14/1/05 9:27 PM, Blogger Contagion said...

eh, lets get rid of civil rights... j/k. I don't know if you've found something special, but everytime I check out the news sources I always see something on civil rights.


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