Monday, July 19, 2004

Painful premonition

After a recent shopping trip, the wife and I discovered we could barely fit the bounty from the supermarket in our freezer. This being a rare problem in our house (we usually aren't exactly "stocked" in the freezer department) I decided to just jam shit in until it fit. At the time, I thought, "boy, I hope nothing falls out and smashes my foot, or toes."
This worked out great for about a week, until I had depleted the stores, and caused a great shifting in the interlocked frozen food habitat. Aparently, I had caused so much shifting, that things just weren't happy staying where they were put.
That leads us to today, I was innocently going into the freezer for a "superhero" popsicle, and a rock-hard two-pound package of ribs flew out, dropped five feet, and smashed my big toe.
I am very happy I have dense bones that don't break easy, or I would've been in a cast for sure. As it is, I think I may be off my feet for a few days.
On a positive note, my assailent will be barbequed and eaten tomorrow night.


At 19/7/04 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ribs can be vicious if left to their own devices apparently.



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