Sunday, July 18, 2004

Why Bush will be re-elected, an alternative take on things.

Something I have noticed of late, is the amazing industry that has sprung up around Bush-bashing. I was at a local bookstore today, and found no less than twenty books whose sole purpose was to bad mouth the President.
My theory is, these people want Bush to be reelected, or they are out of work. If we (heaven forbid) have a Kerry presidency, these same people will be obligated to kiss his ass with great gusto. Not exactly a money making endeavor, right? Of course not, but with four more years of Bush, these authors, and their colleagues (sp?) will have the opportunity to make more money by appealing to the unwashed masses, the liberal loonies, and the politically bored.
I truly believe money is the great motivator in all things political, whether you've got a D or R after your name. This is no big surprise I'm sure. The only difference I see is the method, and willingness to sell your country down the river on the left.
These authors tend to operate under the false pretense of trying to "save the country" or "exposing the greatest threat to national security ever". I am pretty sure that when the cash cow of president Bush dries up, they will be hurting for anything substantial to write about. Other than the tired old commentaries on public welfare, and socialism virtues.
So, when you go to the voting booth in November, remember that the long haired hippie next to you may just be voting for Bush. I know I will have a smile on the inside knowing the hypocrisy that is most assuredly taking place.
I will vote for Bush because of national security, and philosophical similarity. They will vote for Bush to further their fleecing of the ignorant, and paranoid.
Poetic justice is a sweet thing.


At 18/7/04 1:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah, y'know if Kerry gets elected, those same authors will probably just switch to Kerry-bashing instead.
Something along the lines of "You know, Bush sucked, but this Kerry guy - holy shit he sucks!" kind of thing.

Just gotta make sure you're bashing whoever is getting the most attention at the time, and the cash will roll in.



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