Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Of cats and men.

It's official, my cat hates me.

We used to be tight, playing string, cuddling on the couch. Now however, she runs away from me whenever I try to pet her. It's like she suddenly realized that I am big enough to consider her a meal or something.

This is kind of sad considering how we got her. It was a cold night in November of '03 and we had just pulled into the parking garage here at the prison. I heard this muffled meowing, and looked under the car. Low and behold there was Corkscrew, she wasn't called that yet, but she soon would be. This cute little cat walked out from under the car, and sat looking up at me as if to say, "Look buddy let's get on with the petting."
So I reached down and pet the cat, and she drops to the ground and rolls around earning herself the name Corkscrew. We can't have pets in our apartment building, so I went upstairs and grabbed a couple of old flannel shirts to make her a bed, and a can of salmon to feed her.
The next morning we took her around looking for her owners, with no luck. She sat with me in the car, purring like crazy when I pet her. I decided we couldn't just take her to the pound, and tried to give her to some of my friends. No luck there. So I asked Patti if her friend Jennifer could take the cat in until we found a new home. Jennifer agreed, and has since fallen in love with the cat. Corky and I have been inseparable since then. Until this week that is. Now she runs away, doesn't let me pet her, and is being an all around psycho cat.

I wonder if kitty valium would help? Probably not, but I ssem to have lost the only "real" pet I have ever had. This is depressing.


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